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78% of Corporate Employees Afflicted to Sleep Disorder: ASSOCHAM
Due to demanding schedules and high stress levels, nearly 78% of the corporate employees sleep less than 6 hours ...
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Top 7 types of sleep disorders
Do you generally have trouble falling asleep even when you are dead tired? Do you often find yourself awake in the middle of the night, even though you...
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Don’t let stress squeeze life out of you slowly. What causes stress is a dicey question. Research says that anything that puts your physical or emotional aspect on too much strain is responsible for causing stress. However, when stress arising out of musculo-skeletal discomfort is concerned, nothing seems more beneficial than a Doctor Pillow. Bearing high quality features and a soothing fragrance of natural ingredients, this pillow keeps your head, neck and shoulder rested in a way that you stay a million miles away from pain & anxiety.