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How to adopt the best posture for sleep

What’s your sleeping style? You prefer to sleep on your back or on your stomach? 95% of people have their favourite position in which they like to take their most desired nap. However, a very little emphasis has been laid on finding the correct posture to sleep.

Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service has done extensive research on the subject and advocates that maintaining proper posture while you sleep is highly essential to keep away from body aches and other physical disorders.

According to professor Chris Idzikowski, the most common sleep position in his survey is the foetal position, with the back curved forward and the knees are brought up to the chest.

Idzikowski also examined the effect of various sleeping positions on health. He concluded that: The free faller position, where you lie flat on your stomach with arms at the head or ears, was found to be good for digestion..

Most of you might be in the habit of putting your right arm under the pillow, but this might make it more difficult for you to roll over in sleep. You are likely to get your arm tangled in the pillow and end up sleeping on your stomach. If you put your right arm straight down your body, you can easily turn over. The body turns facing the ceiling without a thing to restricting the turn. As a result, your sleep is not interrupted and you wake up refreshed. .

Try it – it really Works!!.