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78% of Corporate Employees Afflicted to Sleep Disorder: ASSOCHAM

Monday, April 9th, 2012 | Filed under Corporate | Posted by : indiacsr

Narcolepsy, a person suffering from this condition feels extremely sleepy during daytime and drift into sleep during the waking hours. He/She may experience temporary freezing or paralysis during the sleep attacks. Antidepressants, special diet, lifestyle changes and psychological treatment is very helpful in this condition. Social support is essential as people may consider the person to be lazy.

Sleep Walking, a sleep-walker performs tasks that people generally do when awake. For instance - walking, getting ready, brushing teeth, going out of the house, etc. The person has no or limited insights into his/her behavorial changes and may get shocked when others speak about it. Apart from certain biological factors, unconscious psychological processes, especially dissociation contribute to sleep walking. This condition needs a thorough diagnosis and management as there may be a risk to the person's life.

Delayed sleep phase disorder, The person takes a lot of time to fall asleep and consequently finds it hard to get up on the scheduled time in the morning. Once in a while such occurrences happen with everyone, but for people with this disorder this is almost a daily phenomenon. These people feel more alert at night than in the daytime. It commonly starts in childhood or adolescence and can be helped greatly with proper treatment.