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78% of Corporate Employees Afflicted to Sleep Disorder: ASSOCHAM

Monday, April 9th, 2012 | Filed under Corporate | Posted by : indiacsr

As per ASSOCHAM'S corporate employees' survey result, 36 per cent of the sample population are also suffering from obesity. It is found that obesity alone can modify occupational morbidity, mortality and injury risks that can further affect workplace absence disability, productivity and healthcare costs. Depression is the third hard hit disease that was observed among the respondents, with 21 per cent of the sample corporate employees suffering this lifestyle disease. High blood pressure (B.P) and diabetes are the fourth and fifth largest disease with a share of 12 per cent and 8 per cent respectively as suffered among the corporate employees. Spondolysis (5.5 per cent), heart disease (4 per cent), cervical (3.0 per cent), asthma (2.5 per cent), slip disk (2 per cent) and arthritis (1 per cent) are the diseases that are mostly suffered by corporate employees.

In terms of the physical fitness, it was found that around 47 per cent of the corporate employees say that they 'do not exercise', 23 per cent do physical workout devoting less than 1 hour/week, 15 per cent of the employees exercise for 1-3 hours/week, 8 per cent of employees exercise for 3-6 hours/week and merely 7 per cent stay fit by exercising for more than 6 hours/week.

The paper indicates that dedicated workout (exercise) can delay or prevent diabetes, some cancers and heart problems. It even reduces feelings of depression and anxiety. However, lack of exercise may increase risk factor for developing headaches.

Nearly 38 per cent of corporate employees took sick leaves in the range of 1-7 days. The absenteeism was mainly owing to acute disease like influenza, cold & flu, fever (including malaria, viral and dengue), severe headaches. Around 12 per cent were absent from workplace in the range of 8-15 days and 6 per cent and 5 per cent of the employees were on leave in the range of 31-100 days and above 100 days respectively. In this category employees suffering with severe acute and chronic diseases like minor paralytic attack, acute liver, kidney disease, skin disease, stroke, heart disease and slip disk are included.